We are rushing through our lives with needs of fulfillment and forget the basic needs of the soul. Every single experience with people or spaces and their surroundings can give us an idea about the purpose of our lives as role plays.  In a desire of changing the mentality of people I discovered different methods to have them knowing the importance of each individual. We are under the influence of mass media and we forgot that we are able to choose the life we like, being responsible for our actions at the same time. Each person has the option to have a dream and to follow it and not to try to copy other persons’ lives and dreams.

  In a society in which we are fed with all kind of information, our status must be online – otherwise we are not existing. By that we try to find ourselves creating different representations of our personalities and realities. The illusion of a “perfect” life comes to us in different forms and doesn’t allow us to discover our true beliefs and the knowledge about the life we could have.

   In constant communication with the inner self and via various methods we find a certain duality of interaction. There is a battle between a natural approach related to instinct and specific actions different from that, which help to evolve in personal perspective. Everybody is playing a role trapped in an illusion and one can challenge this by reflecting oneself through others over and over again. Discovering all kinds of places around the world and interacting with different kinds of cultures help to realize patterns that repeat themselves and prepare the path to find ourselves.In a world that makes you “free” and “happy” we exist in a form of life that transforms our souls into a perfect playground of fake reality. Each player has a specific role that needs to discover itself, deciding if they want to follow or they want to discover a new path.

I start this photographic project 9 years ago with a body of work from 40 countries and 3 continents and a small part was exhibit in Bucharest.

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