The living in modern societies means to be connecting to virtual world and not to the nature that actually sustain our living on this Planet. I discover through the outdoor music festival the importance of everything around us especially the elements of nature; I found a inspiration in roots and branches and I start to learn about the trees. I have long walks through the woods and I try to listen the stories that all kind of patterns was telling me. The wind sometimes reveals spaces and hiding roots from old tree that they been the main one who sustain through the roots the connection and exchange of information between them. Each pattern makes me to see different stories with entities, spirits and all kind of characters that communicate in different plans but the same Universe.  I think we are limited by our languages, we lose many others way of understanding and most of the time the feeling of living in the same space.     I make a parallel from objects that have origins in wood and the artificial ones that we  use day by day. We try to make them smooth with perfect corners but in the end everything falling apart much easier than the nature itself.  Our roots that we express it in any tradition is not the true dna roots; we follow our parents patterns and forget that we can make our particular way of deal with life.                                                                                                                I dig after my roots and I found a colonel that has a face from plastic and a shoulder from a mushroom. I thought my imagination get crazy but I see around me plastic, I close my eyes and I try to see the nature without this garbage that stays for few hundreds of years around our next generations but was nothing in the end.

Stelar captain

A thing

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